CC Property has extensive experience with sale and development of residential development and portfolios of the same in Denmark.

We help our customers whether they are buying or selling.

To ensure the right price is set, we work in a structured sales process – from presentation of the product to identification of market potential.

We always start with an analysis of the market to ensure value optimisation. We investigate and analyse whether there is unexploited development potential, whether existing floor area can be used better, whether an application can be made for a change of the local council's development plan etc. And we also advise our customers on whether a project can be offered as an owner-occupied or letting project.

Thanks to our extensive network of Danish and foreign investors, we can usually complete the process "off-market". Read more about this successful concept under "off-market".

Buyer consultancy
When advising buyers, we apply the same analytical, structured process we use for sales, supplemented by advice on hedging risk with regard to evaluation of any elements of uncertainty surrounding cash flow for the investment.