Valuation and analysis

We always seek to do our best, providing the best possible consultancy for valuing property.

Our customers use our valuations for such purposes as evaluating potential transactions for property portfolios, financing properties and decision on the buying and selling of property. They are also used for annual reports.

CC Property values all kinds of property. We value residential and commercial rental properties, office buildings, hotels, development properties, land, listed properties and unique-use properties.

We are always happy to take in discussing a theme for a valuation, and to give a fixed price for our services.

Our analyses are designed to highlight complex problems arising from use and development of property.

Buyers, sellers, lessor or lessee may always need the right arguments and documentation to be able to make the right decision on buying or selling an investment property or the location of a new store or head office building.

A CC Property analysis gives rapid overview and minimises the risk of making the wrong decision concerning commercial property.

Our analyses have been a vital part of our customers in many and varied situations.